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  • Jennifer Vance 1:42 pm on July 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    I Am Not On This World for Other People’s Approval 

    I was a bit frustrated today about some critical words a few people have said about me.After ranting a bit,I went outside to enjoy the sunshine and then had a thought: “I am not on this world for other people’s approval”.Most of my life,especially when I was younger,I would always be looking over my shoulder making sure I was doing the right thing.Which wasn’t always the right thing for me to do,it was the right thing as according to other people.What they wanted me to do.Your dreams,your rules,are not always right for me.Yes,advice is good.So is learning from other people’s mistakes.But I’ve honestly found some advice to be trash.(It doesn’t mean the person is trash at all,it just means that advice is unwise.)

    I remember once I had a very important decision to make where I had been trying to decide what to do for months.Someone was giving me some suggestions on what to do.Now,these ideas could have worked very well for a different situation,but I was not feeling like it was right for me.So I was praying and asking the Lord what I should do,and He told me to read a certain part of scripture.I did,and it was very clear that I was not to follow this person’s counsel.Later on I found out for sure that doing what this person and what a few other people advised me to do would have been very bad indeed.I am so,so grateful I did not do what seemed right as to the world,but what I felt in my spirit and from the words of the Lord.

    And doing what I did in my situation may have been totally wrong for another person,so it’s very important to ask God what He wants you to do.Sometimes He does just let you make your own decision.Hey,sometimes He knows you won’t listen to what He wants you to do,or you’re simply not ready for it yet.It’s ok to not be ready for something sometimes.We’re gonna make mistakes in this life every once in a while,no matter how hard we try not to.We just need to make sure it’s mistake,and not intentional.

    Even if you don’t believe in God,or you do and don’t have a personal relationship with Him,I’m sure you have some dreams and plans on your heart for your life that are just right for you.They may have not made themselves known to you yet,but once you know them,hold onto those dreams.No one else can live the life you do.

    Well,I hope this post helped someone and I have lots more to say pertaining to this subject,but I think I will leave that for another day. πŸ™‚

  • Jennifer Vance 4:45 pm on May 17, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    As you can tell by the title i’ve… 

    As you can tell by the title,i’ve made up my mind!As to what,I will tell you in just a minute.I’ve been having a big struggle for the past few months figuring out my blogs.Like,major.I wanted to get more personal and share my heart on a blog,but I didn’t feel like I should do that on my wedding/fashion blog…at least,not too much.Unless it was related to those two things.And then i had my “Life is More than Beads” blog.Well,I thought maybe there.But it seemed like i should keep it more business/crafty stuff and just occasionally share some personal things.And then I wanted to keep my photography blog,well,mostly for photography.This blog used to be my photography blog,but I finally decided on the business name for my photography and moved it.This blog “Like the Gold”,is now my personal blog,where i can blog about whatever i like.
    That will make a total of …4 blogs.Sometimes I think I should just combine them all into one fat blog,but I think that would be somewhat like being as organized as I can,though with life,I seem to be all helter-skelter.

    So,let’s hope I stick to that decision!At least for the next few months…LOL

  • Jennifer Vance 8:42 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Bikes,Leaves,and Jewelry 

    This post is slightly late,but not too much.There’s still a bit of fall left.And it has been pretty!Rainy,of course,but I rather like the rain.

    Here are some photos I shot recently.

    (It’s funny,cause the first two pictures i didn’t even really pay attention to how good i had it framed or anything,i just snapped the picture.Put it on my computer,and was like,wow,I like these!)


    All are shot with a Lumix Panasonic and are unedited.

  • Jennifer Vance 12:23 pm on October 10, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: bridal, handmade wedding accessories, pearl tiara   

    I’ve been wanting to make a pearl tiara… 

    I’ve been wanting to make a pearl tiara/crown for a while,and recently,I got one made!I’m excited about it,and I want to make many more.I’m not keeping this one,it’s for sale in my etsy shop.I will probably make one for myself in gold.

    This picture is probably one of my favorite pictures of me…ever.I think it should be on the cover of a magazine or

  • Jennifer Vance 6:23 pm on August 20, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Alex-Parrot Portraiture 

    This blog post features Alex,my friend’s Quaker parrot.I guess it’s kinda like Parrot Portraiture,lol.Hence the title.Isn’t she a beauty?Such a fun personality,too.I really love birds,and while visiting some friends and family in in Bend I also got to spend some time with Alex.I was sitting on the couch with Alex on my shoulder,turned around,and saw the sun coming through the window,and thought,”It would be really cool to get pictures of her with sun flares”.As you all know (and if you don’t,see below post),I love sun flares!I used my friend’s Kodak easyshare point and shoot.Don’t remember the model number,but it had 5.1 megapixels.

    My friends’ mom,Rita,feeding Alex some baby bird food.Rita has baby parakeets,and gave the leftovers to Alex.Silly bird,lol.But some people think baby food is delicious,so why not a bird?

    This is one of my favorites.

    You can’t really see Alex here,but the sun flare!Need I say more? πŸ˜‰ (And that scary looking robot alien thing in the background in front of the window is not really one,in case you were wondering .As you can see in the next to last picture,it’s an elephant garden statue with a silver ball.

    I kinda just liked the lighting on this one,though the camera(or I!),didn’t focus.

    And of course I had to share these gorgeous sun flare photos!

  • Jennifer Vance 11:17 pm on June 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: deer, photography, sun flares   

    Sun Flare Photography 

    I really love sun flares in photography,I think it’s one of the most beautiful things.So today I thought I would share some pictures that I took with flares.

    I took this picture of a deer crossing the road a few days ago while taking a walk.I didn’t even notice the beautiful sun flares the camera had captured till I put it on the computer.

    This isn’t very flarey,but I thought it looked really cool.

    And this is me.I took a picture of myself,and it ended up with this beautiful rainbow effect.

    All of these pictures have been taken with a 6 year old digital Samsung point and shoot camera.I wonder how much more beautiful sun flares would be a SLR and those lovely big lenses?

    I guess it would look like the pictures in this article, 25 Excellent Sun Flare Photography Examples,which had some simply amazing, fabulously stunning photos.(Except I would need a lot more practice!)

    If you have any pictures with sun flares,please share a link.I’d love to see them! πŸ™‚

    • Elizabeth 7:18 am on November 25, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Here are some photo’s I have been playing with for sun flare

      • Jennifer Vance 4:16 pm on December 15, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Those are pretty!You have some very good photos on there,my fave are of the sunset with the boat.Keep up the good work! πŸ˜€

  • Jennifer Vance 11:24 pm on June 13, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: etsy, handmade jewelry, jenny's treasures blog, misty edwards, new blog, silk dresses, wedding dresses with sleeves   

    Hello world! 

    Alright,I now have a WordPress blog!I’ve been hearing some good things about WP,so I finally decided I would try it out.I have two other blogs with blogger,my main one, LifeIsMoreThanBeads,and a wedding one at Jenny’s Wedding Dresses,which is in part named for if I make wedding dresses someday.I don’t think I’ll abandon those,at least not for now.
    Ok,as to why I named this blog “Like the Gold”,it’s mostly because of a Misty Edwards song,called “Fling Wide”.Here is the bridge to that song:
    “Take me through the fire, take me through the rain Take me through the testing, I’ll do anything Test me, try me, prove me, refine me like the gold, like the gold”
    You can listen to her music onΒ  Misty Edward’s myspace.I visit there a lot,one of my favorite websites.I just really love Misty Edwards heart for worship,when I put her music on,it just really refreshes me.
    Ok,so now you now mostly why I named my blog that.As to what I will be blogging about,I’m not sure yet.Oh,I haven’t even said what my name is yet!It’s Jennifer Vance.
    I guess I’ll tell you a little about myself.Well,I really love music,that’s for sure!And I’m a Christian.But I believe that being a Christian means having a relationship with God,not a can go to church and read your Bible your whole life without really knowing Him.And you can spend forever getting to know Him.One of my favorites things to do is to be in worship and feel His presence,love that!
    Some of my favorite bands/artists,besides the one you already know,are Jesus Culture music artists like Kim Walker,Jake Hamilton,and Kristene Mueller.I also like some other genres,like country,some rock,it depends.
    I love to be creative.I make and sell jewelry on do mostly wirework,because that’s what I like working with the most right now,but use other techniques as well.I just recently started making tulle earrings and hair accessorizes,those are fun.My business name is Jenny’s Treasures,but my shop name is JennysTreasuresForU,because JennysTreasures was already taken when I signed up.There’s a lot of great shops on there,I will probably feature some of them on here.I also spin yarn,knit,crochet,sew,paint,stuff like that.
    I’m wanting to start another business making dresses,and some wedding dress soon.Mostly out of silk,but at least natural materials.And probably no strapless.The majority of the styles I make will most likely be a flowy bohemian type.Some with sleeves,too.And not just cap sleeves.And not too low cut,that’s one of my biggest pet peeves with dresses now days.Some of the colors I think I will be designing with a lot are yellow,different shaped of peach and coral,light aqua and turquoise,brown,cream,rose pink,etc.I don’t like black very much,but I will make a few things with that color,at least on request.
    Alright,I think I’m done writing for today,here is a picture of something I will be writing about soon.;)
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