Alex-Parrot Portraiture

This blog post features Alex,my friend’s Quaker parrot.I guess it’s kinda like Parrot Portraiture,lol.Hence the title.Isn’t she a beauty?Such a fun personality,too.I really love birds,and while visiting some friends and family in in Bend I also got to spend some time with Alex.I was sitting on the couch with Alex on my shoulder,turned around,and saw the sun coming through the window,and thought,”It would be really cool to get pictures of her with sun flares”.As you all know (and if you don’t,see below post),I love sun flares!I used my friend’s Kodak easyshare point and shoot.Don’t remember the model number,but it had 5.1 megapixels.

My friends’ mom,Rita,feeding Alex some baby bird food.Rita has baby parakeets,and gave the leftovers to Alex.Silly bird,lol.But some people think baby food is delicious,so why not a bird?

This is one of my favorites.

You can’t really see Alex here,but the sun flare!Need I say more? 😉 (And that scary looking robot alien thing in the background in front of the window is not really one,in case you were wondering .As you can see in the next to last picture,it’s an elephant garden statue with a silver ball.

I kinda just liked the lighting on this one,though the camera(or I!),didn’t focus.

And of course I had to share these gorgeous sun flare photos!